The Lost & Foundry Story

We curate forgotten history

Since 2021 we have been offering up our collection of vintage patches curated onto the best apparel we can find. It's our goal to breathe new life into something lost and almost forgotten. We love anything that has stood the test of time. We're out hunting for design that was lost, and brands that deserve to be seen again.

We wanted to make a brand for the people who are restoring old gas pumps, dreaming about the next cafe racer build, or trying to find the last few parts for their antique auto project.

Hand sewn in Canada

We sew everything ourselves from our studio in PEC, Ontario. Whether the patch we're featuring has a decade of wear in it, or it's been sitting in a sleeve for years, we try to bring it back to life and find the newest styles to pair it with.

There's no reproductions here. We are constantly building our collection of authentic vintage patches, and will never sell you anything other than the real deal. It's really truly vintage & genuine.

We started offering limited drops of curated patches onto modern hats, and have since moved into offering a Bespoke service where you can pick a patch and a hat for a custom design, as well as locally screen-printed and manufactured branded items that you can wear to show off your love of all things vintage. ✌️


Are your patches authentic?

Yes, we only use authentic vintage patches (usually 20 years or older) that we purchase from verifiable sources. 

How come my patch looks new?

Sometimes our patches are New Old Stock, which means even though they're old, they've never been used. They simply sat waiting to be reborn. 

Do you reproduce patches?

No. We only sell authentic vintage patches. 

What condition will my patch be?

As we don't reproduce patches the condition varies. Pay attention to the photos to see if you are getting something towards the newer untouched end, or something more worn and used. Everyone likes a different patina to their vintage wear. 

Can I track my order?

When your order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking information. 

How long will my order take?

We ship at least twice a week. Usually you should receive your order within Ontario within a week, and within Canada or Worldwide by 2-3 weeks.

Can I return my hat?

No. Due to health and sanitary reasons we do not take returns on hats. We want you to be happy though so please get in touch if anything is wrong such as if the hat is damaged in any way. 

Do you offer hats for larger heads?

This is a common request and we do have some larger profile hats, but since we offer one-size caps it's hard to fulfill custom larger sizing.