Hat Swap Service

Hat Swap Service

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Bought a Lost & Foundry Vintage Patch Cap and need to swap it onto a fresh hat? This is your service. Hats get sweaty and worn, but that patch can live on. 

Simply purchase this Hat Swap along with a Blank Cap from our inventory, send in your patch, and we'll freshen it up and ship it back. 

The Hat Swap fee covers cleaning up the patch from the old hat and sewing onto a new cap. 

We'll send you with instructions of where to send the patch, simply cut it off your hat, and ship it to us. 

You will receive a shipping notification for your new hat within a week of us receiving the patch in the mail. We are not responsible for patches until they arrive in our mailbox. 

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Cut around your patch

Without damaging your patch cut a loose outline around it so you can get it into an envelope.

Mail your patch to us

We'll send you instructions on where to send the patch. Place it in an envelope with the proper postage and we'll do the rest.