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Rambler Parts & Service

Rambler Parts & Service

Genuine old-school Vintage Patch sewn onto a new hat. We only do one of each hat+patch combo, so if it's sold out, it's gone forever!

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100% acrylic Beaniiez toque
8" high toque
Adjustable Cuff
Made in Canada

Rambler Parts & Service refers to the components and maintenance services associated with Rambler automobiles, particularly those produced by the American Motors Corporation (AMC). Rambler was a brand of vehicles produced by AMC from the 1950s to the 1960s.

The Rambler brand gained popularity for its compact and fuel-efficient cars, especially during a time when larger vehicles dominated the American automotive market. AMC aimed to provide reliable and economical transportation options with the Rambler lineup.

  • 100% Authentic Vintage Patch
  • Quality Hats
  • Fast Shipping
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Truly Vintage & Authentic

Our authentic vintage patches range from well worn to New Old Stock. They may have the history of a life time of they may have lived in a plastic sleeve for 30 years. Check out the pictures closely so you can know what to expect when your hat arrives.