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Vintage Patch - Shelby

Vintage Patch - Shelby

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Pick a Patch, Pick a Hat, We Sew and Ship

4.5" wide Authentic Vintage Patch

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  • Ships free over $150. $15 flat rate in Canada

This vintage patch is part of our Pick a Patch program. Any Vintage Patch can be sewn onto any in-stock cap of your choice. Simply add a patch and a cap into your cart and we will sew it up. If you add more than one combo please add an order note telling us which patch goes on what hat. Sewing takes between a day and a week in most circumstances. You must choose a blank cap from our in-stock collection, If we can't satisfy your design we will contact you to see if there is another cap style that will work, otherwise we will refund you the entirety of your order and re-list the patch for sale. If you don't add a hat to your order we will ship you the patch on it's own. These are not iron on patches and need to be hand sewn onto any products.

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